The word green is universally recognized and represents sustainability, social responsibility and environmental good. The network of .green domain names coming online will support the ongoing shift to sustainable consciousness of internet users everywhere.

DotGreen Community, Inc. has recognized this modern lifestyle shift to create a greener world and through partnerships with EarthShare and DotGreen Foundation a percentage of sales and renewals of .green domain names will support the green cause through programs and projects aimed at sustainability.

Go .green

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Going green is a collaborative effort like an ecosystem rather than an individual strategy. The .green Founder’s Program gives you the opportunity showcase your green as part of the global progress.

  • Be Recognized as an Innovator, amongst your competition.

  • Be a Disrupter! Move your to:

  • Be Memorable - with an unforgettable premium .green domain name

  • Be Social – share and educate more people about your “Green”

  • Be Responsible - each .green domain registration will directly benefit programs working towards advancement to a sustainable world through DotGreen’s partnerships

Special Pricing and availability consideration for all .green premium names (subject to usage and exposure commitments).

Market Leadership! Stand apart from your competition and be an industry innovator when you go live early with your .green website.

Advertising!  We’ll promote your website in all our marketing and advertising – for the next 12 months as we launch the new .green Top Level Domain name space.

Social! Join DotGreen and .green founding partners for a special Earth Day event.

Choice! The sky’s the limit with the .green domains you could get as .green Founder

.green Founders agree to have their sustainability pages resolve to a working .green website when the .green zone goes live, .green Founders agree to actively promote their .green URL, in advertising and marketing materials. Special consideration will be given to those who submit a marketing plan outlining their reach through advertising, campaigns and timing.

.green Founders issue a press release announcing the launch or rebrand of their home on the web.

.green Founders agree to allowing DotGreen to feature company’s logo/web address as examples in co-marketing or similar approved marketing.

Connect with us to learn more about becoming a .green Founder ahead of the pack!

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