101domain Joins DotGreen at Sustainable Brands Expo

101domain Joins DotGreen at Sustainable Brands Expo

101domain is assisting DotGreen as they sponsor Sustainable Brands San Diego. This expo is where Chief Sustainability Officers gather to brainstorm and explore new ways to grow their businesses in a responsible way.

The .green TLD is a dedicated namespace for targeted content that allows businesses to reach specific audiences. As of January 2015, a search for the term Green showed more than 11 billion results. The Green Transition Scoreboard (GTS), which tracks private sustainability investments jumped to $5.2 trillion in July 2013. Green investing will reach at least $1 trillion a year by 2020 and 55% of global consumers are willing to pay more for socially responsible products.

A .green domain name seamlessly brands your company and connects it with the Green Economy. This simple, yet powerful tool for creating meaningful interaction between you and your customer reflects a new paradigm shift towards transparency and credibility. By highlighting your green/sustainability initiatives via a .green domain name, you have the opportunity to provide a shared identity between your organization and your customers.

About .Green

The .green TLD is a space in which all registrants around the world can confidently identify their online and “sustainable” presence.

About 101domain

101domain specializes in helping brands to protect their valuable brands online around the world. They offer an unparalleled selection of domain names from around the world.

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101domain Business Dev. Manager, John Neu Going Green

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