DotGreen Community, Inc. Commemorates Earth Day Announcing More Than 1,000 .green Domain Names Now Listed

DotGreen Community, Inc. Commemorates Earth Day Announcing More Than 1,000 .green Domain Names Now Listed

From General Motors to Fetzer Vineyards, Companies Large and Small Making Plans to Showcase Sustainability with .green Internet Addresses

Larkspur, CA (PRWEB) April 22, 2015. DotGreen Community, Inc., stewards of the new .green Top Level Domain (TLD) name, announces that companies and organizations around the world now have the opportunity to showcase their commitment to sustainability and the green movement this Earth Day by joining the more than one thousand who have registered .green Internet addresses. .green became available to the public on March 24th, 2015.

“The .green digital address is positioned to become one of the most recognized domain name extensions across the Internet as business and consumers move in record numbers to more sustainable ways in how we live and do business. .green is the world’s first and only online TLD platform for this global green shift and for the green economy.” said DotGreen Community, Inc. Founder, Annalisa Roger.

Early movers in their industries registering .green domain names include General Motors and Fetzer Vineyards. Other companies who have signed up for .green domains range from major tech corporations to big box retailers and a global payments corporation. Smaller companies, individuals and nonprofit organizations supporting environmental initiatives are also taking advantage of this opportunity.

“At General Motors, we see every day as Earth Day and every day we are making progress in reducing our environmental impact and footprint. We see .green as a channel dedicated to sustainability where we will be able to get this message across and cut through the Internet clutter in reaching our stakeholders and customers,” said Sharon Basel, Sustainability Communications Manager, General Motors.

.green, the new domain address space approved by ICANN, is the world’s first online channel for the growing ranks of values-driven consumers and companies committed to offering more sustainable and healthier products in the marketplace. Those investing in more sustainable and socially responsible operations are showcasing these initiatives on their .green website. The .green domain name offers a globally recognized branding opportunity and is the point of interaction for a community sharing common interests and between producers and consumers of sustainable and healthier lifestyle goods and services.

“Sustainability has been part of our company DNA for more than 25 years. Our actions speak for themselves, and we see the .green online platform as a tremendous opportunity to showcase our green initiatives, share our sustainable practices with our industry and connect with our customers and the growing green movement,” noted Josh Prigge, Fetzer Vineyard’s Sustainability Manager. Fetzer.green is now live and online.

DotGreen Community is taking part in the global Earth Day celebration by sponsoring events on both coasts; the San Francisco Green Film Festival and Earth Day San Francisco and the Green Festival Expo in New York City. It is connecting with the global green movement through posting links of Earth Day related events and blogs on their new website, Community.green.

DotGreen Community, Inc. recently announced a $10,000 Earth Day gift through DotGreen Foundation to EarthShare to support environmental initiatives. EarthShare is a non-profit federation that partners with business and employees to develop workplace giving and learning opportunities that support the environment. DotGreen Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, was established in 2008 to receive donations from the public as well as a percentage of net revenues from the sales and renewals of .green names. The Foundation will make ongoing contributions to programs and projects aimed at sustainability, education, and conservation around the world through its unique partnership with EarthShare, one of the world’s leading environmental organizations.

More information about DotGreen Community and .green domain names can be found at http://going.green


DotGreen Community, Inc., with roots in the Northern California environmental movement and Silicon Valley, is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and was founded to support and accelerate progress for the global green movement by bringing to the Internet a dedicated Top Level Domain. DotGreen Community, Inc. is the steward of the new domain address, .green, and donates a percentage of the net revenues from sales and renewals of .green domain names to The DotGreen Foundation, a public benefit charity organization. Visit http://going.green for more information. Follow us on Twitter @DotGreenTLD and like us on Facebook at DotGreen Community, Inc.

DotGreen Foundation is a California based US tax exempt 501 (c)(3) Public Charity focused on supporting global projects and education aimed at sustainability. DotGreen Foundation was founded in 2008 and has partnered with both DotGreen Community, Inc. and with EarthShare for trusted global distribution of contributions. Donations can be made at http://www.foundation.green.

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