Green Is Growing in Andalucia

Green Is Growing in Andalucia

By DotGreen Community – April 21st. 2015.

Andalucia.green was created with the intention of enhancing the awareness, acceptance and growth of the green movement in Andalucia, Spain. It provides visitors with information about the region’s green initiatives and links to its green resources, such as those related to clean energy and alternative transport. They intend to given priority to other relevant .green websites.

Andalucia.com, the company behind Andalucia.green, is an Internet company in this southern area of Spain that is deeply committed to ecological and sustainable practices in every area of its own business. As they note on the Andalucia.green site, they strongly follow the three R’s:  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and aim is to be as green as possible. To that end, they’ve successfully reduced their electrical and server usage and their water and paper consumption. Their reception area is furnished with vintage (1970s) furniture and nearly half of their employees walk to work, work remotely or take public transportation.

They also understand that even with the best of efforts, it’s impossible not to have some impact on the environment. Therefore, they are actively researching NGOs that work with the environment to learn about causes to which they can contribute that are focusing on building a greener world.

To learn more, visit www.andalucia.green.


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