How Green Is Your Business?

How Green Is Your Business?

Showcase your environmental efforts with a .green domain name.

How green is your business? Many companies bypass their environmental responsibility in favour of saving a few pounds, but today’s consumers want more. Generation Z are the up and coming consumers of the near future, and they’re concerned about the environment.

Research from the J Walter Thompson Innovation Group found that today’s consumers are concerned with making the world a better place. This means they’re aiming for an environment which is diverse and ethically minded, and not just looking for a 10% discount on their first order.

Generation Z differs from the Generation Y that your business may be used to dealing with; they’re conscious of their societal role. They are looking for a business who wants to take care of their planet.

So is it time for you to go .green?

Social responsibility should be a big part of your company; you should encourage your team to actively recycle and aim to do good for your local community. Here at UK2, our corporate social responsibility effortsinclude an investment in intelligent energy-saving cooling technology at our data centres, a project with Barnardo’s and Raspberry Pi which aims to encourage the disadvantaged youths of our local area to get involved in technology, a close involvement with the Shaun in the City project and a partnership with Oxford United which gives local youths the chance to attend match days. Oh, and we recycle too.

You should be showcasing your efforts to make the planet a greener place, and where better than at your own .green domain name? By dedicating a web page to your eco-friendly pursuits you show the world (and your customers) that you take environmental issues seriously. .green domain names are now on the market, with almost 2000 domain names being snapped up since the March release date. We expect .green to be a popular domain name option as time marches on.

In an interesting twist, your .green domain name has a positive effect on our environment and could actually count towards your environmental efforts. The registry for .green domain names announced recently that it “commits a percentage of revenue from the sales and renewals of all .green domain names to fund programmes and projects aimed at sustainability in regions around the world.”. So with every .green registration, our planet gets a little greener itself.

.green is a great choice of domain name for those businesses who are dedicated to the preservation of our planet. Charities and not-for-profit organisations are turning towards the .green web address extension to connect with an increasingly environmentally conscious demographic.

That said, it is not just those businesses whose operations are solely environmental who should take an interest: any business can benefit from a .green domain name. Are your products responsibly sourced? Are they manufactured with the environment in mind? Do you recycle all waste products? Do you give back to your local community and invest a portion of your revenue in environmental projects? The answers to all of these questions can be stored on your .green website, encouraging today’s customers to engage with your philanthropic efforts and building a rapport with your site visitors.

To get started with your .green domain name, visit our domain name search page. Your domains can be easily managed through our control panel and pointed at an existing area of your website with ease. Contact our support team for any more information about domain names and for assistance in securing yours.

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