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Mission Statement
To successfully manage, promote and sell .green Top Level Domain names, advancing the green economy while engaging the world’s citizens in the growing green movement for the benefit of people and planet in all regions of the globe.
Who We Are
DotGreen is run by a staff of dedicated volunteers in Greenbrae, Marin County, California.  The successful development of this project is carried out by collaborating with professionals experienced in ICANN policy, Internet technology, global environmental and humanitarian solutions, marketing, finance and law. DotGreen benefits from a growing network of enthusiastic members, students and sponsors around the world. DotGreen is YOU.
Why DotGreen?
New Top Level Domains are coming to the Internet.
Founded in 2007, DotGreen Registry is the first to propose an environmental Top Level Domain Initiative amongst Internet industry and International environmental groups.
DotGreen and its .green TLD is the only non-profit model for an environmental TLD.
The only TLD that will give 100% of profits to hundreds of green projects and green organizations aimed at sustainability in every region of the world – not just a few.
DotGreen gets its start from philanthropic donations; the people and planet are the only shareholders.
.green is a meaningful string of letters, recognizable in languages around the world.
Internationally, the driving symbol for “go forward” is green.
DotGreen Registry will provide a socially responsible and internationally recognizable branding opportunity to companies, products and individuals.
DotGreen will enable consumers to drive the green movement and market for .green business online.
DotGreen is 100% for the benefit of planet and people. DotGreen is you.
Established Registry Service and Technical Provider
Competitive Backend – DotGreen has subcontracted its registry services and technical operations to an established world leader in the industry. What this means for our customers and .green domain name owners is that when DotGreen goes live, hundreds of registrars already networked globally will provide .green names for sale and .green websites will work beautifully and successfully 24/7 all over the world. In a market with many new Top Level Domains emerging, DotGreen feels it is important to be associated with an established and proven competitive registry operator. DotGreen is very pleased to offer the green movement the highest quality technical operations and registry services available today.
How We Will Get There
DotGreen industry professionals are preparing an application to enter into a management contract for the .green Top Level Domain (TLD) with the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, a California Non-profit 501 (c) 3 Corporation known as ICANN. Part of our application is to demonstrate to ICANN that DotGreen and its .green initiative have the support of the green community, the green movement and all types of companies, organizations and individuals interested in starting their path to sustainable practices. ICANN also requires a $185,000.00 application fee, even for a non-profit organization designed for the global public benefit. We welcome your support and your donation to complete this portion of the application. With your support, DotGreen registry will be awarded delegation of .green from ICANN. This will mark the birth of a new sustainable income stream that is 100% for green projects and organizations. The ICANN proposed application deadline is first quarter, 2010, so we need your participation immediately. You can make a difference and guarantee that .green benefits the people and the planet. Thank you for your support!
What We Will Do