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David Maddocks is a blog contributor for DotGreen. He is an Advisor and serves on the Board of Directors. Please see his biography here . David Maddocks can be reached at [email protected]
This blog series comes from David Maddocks’ experience at the Fortune Brainstorm Green Conference . Since 2001, this conference has united creative minds for a sustainability summit, bringing together industry players, leaders from the environmental movement, senior government officials, and provocative thinkers.
Laguna Niguel, California Tuesday, April 17, 2012
All Together Now.
If there was a theme for today at the Fortune Green Brainstorm Conference it was, “All Together Now.” Or, perhaps more accurately, “[Almost] All Together Now.”
The day was overwhelmingly tilted toward energy and energy policy.
Environmental leaders, such as Peter Seligmann of Conservation International, Mark Tercek of The Nature Conservancy and Hunter Lovins of Natural Capitalism, and corporate leaders such as David Abney of UPS, Dan Hesse of Sprint, Steve Bolze of General Electric and Rob Walton, Chairman of Wal-Mart, overwhelmingly agreed on the need for corporations, NGOs and government to work together to find solutions to accelerate the rate of progress to find solutions.