Bringing the .green Internet to Rio+20 Summit

DotGreenGoing .green will add efficiency and speed to the shift to a global sustainable economy
By Annalisa Roger, Founder & CEO
DotGreen has been invited by the French Delegation to speak at the Rio +20 meeting in Brazil along with 130 heads of state and government leaders, and 50,000 business leaders, civil societies, environmental groups, and humanitarian organizations from around the world. Rio +20 marks the 20-year anniversary of the world’s largest environmental summit where world leaders gathered in 1992 to invent a new economic model called sustainable development which creates a balance between people and planet. The World’s growing population, now at 7 billion, continues to need economic growth, social equity and healthier lifestyles, as our planet urgently needs environmental protection, conservation and sustainable resourcing.
Since the first Earth Summit, changes to our world have made sustainable development even more vital, and at the same time, an incredible gift has come our way. The Internet, mobile communication and social media have created a unique global and social opportunity for people to save our planet. These new online tools have given voice to all stakeholders, not just leaders. A key purpose of this summit’s agenda is to determine how to galvanize global support for a worldwide transformation to greener lifestyles and businesses. DotGreen has long been advocating for a Global Response to Environmental and Economic Necessities (.GREEN) since 2007. DotGreen is an Internet company that will offer a recognizable and inclusive online name space for individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments ready to showcase their commitments and “be on the same global page” for sustainability.
An international green coalition gaining momentum in Rio occurs at a time when the Internet is undergoing its largest change since inception. The letters to the right of the dot such as .com and .countrycodes (like .br .fr or .us) are known as Top Level Domains, and this space is about to be expanded and changed. A new generation of domain names will reflect their owners’ interests and values. The .green new Top Level Domain (TLD) is for all who are interested in forwarding sustainable development into the next 20 years and beyond. The power of the Internet and the people who use it is not to be underestimated.
Humanity is at an historical moment where the need to galvanize worldwide awareness, commitment and action is of the utmost importance equally to everyone. Unprecedented are our current experiences with environmental issues on a global scale, and we have never before been so connected by our actions and their repercussions. Connecting, sharing, and collaborating are a pathway to a sustainable future. The .green TLD is an extension of its owner’s name: an identifier and an online address. For example, , , , , , : they all represent their owners’ path and commitment to sustainability with an address on the Internet specifically designed for our future.
Because so many of today’s challenges are global, they demand a global response — collective power exercised in powerful partnership. Now is not the moment for narrow squabbling. This is a moment for world leaders and their people to unite in common purpose around a shared vision of our common future — the future we want. – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.*
The UN Secretary General believes the Rio +20 agenda is for national leaders to decide in-line with the aspirations of their people.
With governments, companies, civil societies, non-profits and individuals utilizing the .green TLD online and offline, all stakeholders will be heard and as they contribute to supporting the green movement and boosting the green economy. All will automatically partake in philanthropy through DotGreen’s partners, The DotGreen Foundation and EarthShare at a time when people need it most.
Rio+20, 2012 is about the next 20 years, looking ahead and planning for the world we want to live in. While a main theme of this Rio +20 continues to be about how to build a green economy to achieve sustainability, this year it is also about how to improve national and international coordination for sustainable development. Rio +20, 2012 is an historic opportunity to define effective pathways to our sustainable future: a future with green jobs, local food sourcing and clean water, clean energy, greater security and a healthy lifestyle for all. Rio+20 is about people and their planet.
I look forward to Rio+20 with tremendous excitement and anticipation that the next 20 years towards sustainable development in our future will be very different from the last. The Internet makes it possible for all leaders to share in the inspirations and goals of their people. The .green TLD will go live in 2013, and all stakeholders will be invited to participate and be involved in local actions and an ongoing global .green awareness and innovation, making sustainability more relevant and easier to realize for everyone in their daily lives. The .green TLD is about continuing a people’s summit and dialog offering information, sharing, action and hope for real improvements 365 days per year.
*UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Opinion piece in the New York Times about Rio+20 here
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