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The launch of Canada DotGreen marks the first official opening of DotGreen’s Bureaus, and the establishment of a regional presence in Canada. Acting on a local level allows DotGreen to develop a meaningful relationship with the green movement as an Internet community, in regionally specific ways. Local efforts working concurrently around the world are integral to a true confluence for global sustainability, DotGreen Community, Inc., and the .green TLD.
Guests gathered on October 16 in the green Urban Space Gallery in downtown Toronto, for drinks, conversation, and the chance to hear from the new Canada DotGreen and hosts. (DotGreen photo)
The event was celebrated with an intimate evening gathering, hosted by new Bureau leaders Joan Kerr and Glenn McKnight. CEO of The DotGreen Community, Inc., Annalisa Roger, greeted the assembled audience, and explained her vision for a collaborative future, and a .green environmental TLD that amplifies the global green community with a collective online voice. The event attendees represented a similar blending of communities, with wide representation from both domain developers and local Toronto leaders in the green movement.
“The new Canada DotGreen Bureau will serve as a local contact and connection to DotGreen. We’re honored to be able to work with Joan Kerr and Glenn McKnight, who are deeply involved with environmentally and socially conscious projects and organizations working every day to better our world,” said Annalisa Roger, DotGreen Founder and CEO.
Comingling and collaboration among these visionaries is crucial for the success of the green movement online. Green domain development and entrepreneurship can boost the green economy and awareness of the green movement. This provides new avenues for financial success within the green economy and the domain name industry, while also supporting and advancing the vital work of environmental and humanitarian organizations.
Amongst the guests were green leaders representing university programs, local businesses, and participants in regional environmental organizations. Find out more about them below.
Local Organizations and Individuals Drawn to Canada DotGreen Bureau Launch
Rosemarie Powell is Big On Green. She explained the organization’s mission, to help facilitate the transition to a sustainable workplace, allowing people’s green intentions to take root in their everyday lives. Powell discussed the importance of engaging people from the community on grassroots level. Find out more about Powell’s work and achievements here .
James Webb, Sustainability Coordinator at Durham College discussed his own work, focused on engaging with students, faculty, and staff “on a grassroots level to create a sustainability movement within the community.” To find out more about the Sustainability program at Durham College, visit this site.
Katie Fullerton works as community animator in Scarborough is part of a program operating under Live Green Toronto , an umbrella organization for all things environmental in the city of Toronto. She explained that through her own work, she sees how movements can spread on a local grassroots level, and also identifies the value of a more widespread common movement. “I like DotGreen, because of the accessibility it’s going to offer people, and the simplicity.”
Thierry Franchois, domain developer, discussed his own business with the attendees, explaining that certain green domain names will carry a great deal of value, bringing marketing power to a green organization representing itself online. “It’s a brand and this is very powerful. It gives you a voice.”
Chris Winters, an active member of the green community in Canada, is currently with the organization Canada Conserves. He offered his expertise on the future of the green movement online. “In terms of the Internet, and the solutions and the environmental movement and the mesh of the two, the future is like this: the solutions are going to be local, and information is going to be global.” Find out more about Canada Conserves here .
Canada DotGreen Bureau, with Joan Kerr and Glenn McKnight
Joan Kerr has been active in the green movement for 30 years. She has founded women’s organizations, organized community projects, and received the UN World Summit Information Society (WSIS) award in 2004, for her Women and Technology Project. She is President and CEO of The Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities (FBSC), a Canadian Federally incorporated not-for-profit with a mission to cultivate sustainable sensibilities. According to Kerr, “FBSC advocates for green strategies that transform communities into liveable, resilient and connected ones.”
Glenn McKnight is a leader in Internet Civil Society, and policy development. Glenn has been involved in the green movement for most of his life, and is now a leader in Internet policy as well, through organizations such as the Internet Society (ISOC) and the At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) of The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). In addition to his work with ICANN, McKnight consults for FBSC, and is active in the green movement. “The environment and the Internet are intertwined,” said Glenn McKnight.
With support of Joan Kerr and Glenn McKnight, and their long history of activity in the green movement, the Canada DotGreen Bureau will become a valuable regional resource. Kerr and McKnight have already brought together local individuals and organizations for the Bureau launch, and hosted a sustainable event with ICANN delegates, People & Planet: Green Toronto .