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Why some companies have chosen to include .green in their 2013 marketing plan
Corporate Social Responsibility is growing among innovative companies and businesses. There is a remarkable growing concern about our world’s resources, which affects the way businesses are run, where employees are seeking jobs, and even what consumers choose to patronize.  Thanks to the Internet, social networking, and soon .green, the consumer is increasingly aware of the products and services they buy.  Connecting with this movement through domain registration could have a valuable impact on your company’s operations, cutting costs, mitigating impacts, and enticing a newly conscious consumer public.  The DotGreen business model is designed with companies in mind to showcase their social responsibility, progressive business models and actions, and to promote the green economy while consumers find green products and services online that contribute to a global sustainable lifestyle.
The back-end registry operations for DotGreen have been contracted to Neustar, an undisputed leader in the Industry, which offers a secure and stable back end to the .green TLD.  DotGreen is proud to partner with Neustar, which displayed a commitment to green with the launch of a CSR program in 2010. The Management Team of DotGreen includes professionals passionate about promoting both business and the green economy, and a future of sustainable resources for all.
As the global movement of individuals, corporations, governments and non-profits grows in response to an ever increasing urgency of time and dwindling resources, the .green TLD is designed as the platform and acronym for a Global Response to Environmental and Economic Necessities.
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